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When it comes to WiFi, users are sick and tired of unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance. They need a smarter wireless LAN (WLAN) system that provides way better coverage, capacity, and reliability. They want all the bells and whistles of high-end WLAN, in a system that’s more affordable and easier to deploy and manage. Such a system has been impossible to find – until now.

Introducing ZoneFlex from Ruckus Wireless

ZoneFlex is the completely adaptive Smart WLAN system that offers enterprises the power they crave – and the simplicity they need – with:

  • Effortless everything, as it’s fully pluggable and easy to install/configure/expand, with automatic client administration and advanced security, too.
  • Superior WiFi on the planet, through WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection, automatic WLAN-wide interference avoidance, and WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination to adapt to the constantly-changing WiFi environment.


The education sector has redefined the way students learn with digital tools. Reliable WiFi networks are a must when delivering online curriculum’s, learning assessments, and educational content among students and teachers.

Many mobile devices have integrated into the student’s learning process. Schools need a WiFi network that can handle a high density of devices with speed and reliability.

Schools of all types face unique challenges ensuring secure wireless connectivity for a wide range of device and user types. Faced with limited IT staff and new students each term, schools need a way to enable self-service on boarding that can recognize and assign distinct policies for students, devices and for IT-owned vs BYOD devices.

Aged Healthcare

Wi-Fi enables fast access to electronic patient records, improves staff communication. In addition, guest Wi-Fi access can be extended to resident’s apartments and medical care facilities.

Many healthcare organizations are turning to ZoneFlex Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) systems with adaptive antenna arrays to provide the best possible connection even in the most difficult conditions.

With ZoneFlex, healthcare organizations get a simple, yet full-featured solution that enables: Stronger, consistent Wi-Fi coverage with fewer access points, Central management, Support for diverse applications including: Voice over IP (VoIP) badges, phones, applications such as EMR and more…….

WiFi for SME’s

Wireless networks have become an essential tool for businesses. However, wireless networks can be vulnerable. More importantly, an unsecured wireless network can be a back door into your main network, and your business critical data.

It’s important to have the right kind of wireless infrastructure. Small businesses like the fact the consumer grade routers are easy to set up and are inexpensive. However, considering how important it is to have uptime and security, consumer routers just aren’t good enough. You should consider a business grade router, as they are designed to support a greater number of users and have network security in mind.

Ruckus ZoneFlex brings state-of-the-art WiFi advances and packages into an affordable and easy-to-use “smarter” wireless LAN system.  The beauty of ZoneFlex is it masks the complexity of these capabilities – making it simple for SMEs to reap the benefits without the headaches. Here are the SME highlights:

  • Killer coverage: Fewer wireless access points blanket a bigger area, reducing capital and operational costs
  • Fast install: Configuration and deployment in half the time
  • Simple, simple, simple: A smarter wireless LAN that self-optimizes and is super simple to manage
  • No costly cabling: Smart meshing allows placement of wireless access points anywhere there is power without having to pull Ethernet cable for connectivity
  • Just what you need: No more paying for features and functions you don’t want, need or understand

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