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Professional learning is something most professionals do everyday without realising. As teachers reflect on our current practice, work together with staff and students, and strive to improve student outcomes, professional learning takes place everyday.

With rapid changes in our learning environments, it is even more crucial now to ensure that professional learning keeps up with the changing and variable needs of both teachers and students. Finding time to update knowledge and professional thinking is vital.

Isometric Solutions is proud to present a range of expertly designed training packages. If you have a group who need help with the latest technologies, consider in-house training.

These packages will ensure that:

  • You and your ICT staff have the expertise to keep abreast of the latest technologies
  • Your school gets the best value from its ICT investment
  • They are tailored to your team

Benefits of our group in house training include:

  • You choose the day, duration, place and time of your course
  • Flexible length – sessions as short as 1 hour
  • Greatest impact in the shortest time
  • Great team building opportunity
  • More convenient, people don’t need to go off-site

Covering a wide range of technologies we can train everyone from beginners to advanced users. You can opt for training at the Isometric Office or in-house training at your school.

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