Edward is our Digital Asset Protection Service. We will help you secure data that is important or sensitive to your business. Edward will create transparency and awareness for you.

Network Support Services

Whatever your next project might be, we can design a solution to help you! Our services are created to assist network administrators and IT departments.

Wireless Services

Everyone gets sick and tired of unstable connections and erratic performance. We will provide your school or business a stable and reliable WiFi network that will work.

Data Security and Backup

Data is essential to the smooth running of your business. However, backing up and securing this data is often forgotten or incomplete. We will make sure your data is safe, at all times.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Our Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. It will save you money and you will be able to take your phone service with you.

Cloud Computing

Allow anytime, anywhere access for your staff, pupils and employees within your environment walls and beyond. Cloud computing offers endless possibilities.

Online Safety

Online technology is evolving at a rapid rate, it is easy to fall behind. We can sort this out for you, to allow you to take full advantage of the online opportunities.

VR & Drone Services

The opportunities of VR are endless and evolving. Explore these options for your school or business, and have a look at our Drone Services while you are at it!


Providing people with Wireless that Works

When it comes to WiFi, users are sick and tired of unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance. They need a smarter wireless LAN (WLAN) system that provides way better coverage, capacity, and reliability. They want all the bells and whistles of high-end WLAN, in a system that’s more affordable and easier to deploy and manage. Such a system has been impossible to find – until now.

Introducing ZoneFlex from Ruckus Wireless

ZoneFlex is the completely adaptive Smart WLAN system that offers enterprises the power they crave – and the simplicity they need – with:

  • Effortless everything, as it’s fully pluggable and easy to install/configure/expand, with automatic client administration and advanced security, too.
  • Superior WiFi on the planet, through WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection, automatic WLAN-wide interference avoidance, and WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination to adapt to the constantly-changing WiFi environment.


The education sector has redefined the way students learn with digital tools. Reliable WiFi networks are a must when delivering online curriculum’s, learning assessments, and educational content among students and teachers.

Many mobile devices have integrated into the student’s learning process. Schools need a WiFi network that can handle a high density of devices with speed and reliability.

Schools of all types face unique challenges ensuring secure wireless connectivity for a wide range of device and user types. Faced with limited IT staff and new students each term, schools need a way to enable self-service on boarding that can recognize and assign distinct policies for students, devices and for IT-owned vs BYOD devices.

WiFi for Business

Wireless networks have become an essential tool for businesses. However, wireless networks can be vulnerable. More importantly, an unsecured wireless network can be a back door into your main network, and your business critical data.

It’s important to have the right kind of wireless infrastructure. Small businesses like the fact the consumer grade routers are easy to set up and are inexpensive. However, considering how important it is to have uptime and security, consumer routers just aren’t good enough. You should consider a business grade router, as they are designed to support a greater number of users and have network security in mind.

Ruckus ZoneFlex brings state-of-the-art WiFi advances and packages into an affordable and easy-to-use “smarter” wireless LAN system.  The beauty of ZoneFlex is it masks the complexity of these capabilities – making it simple for businesses to reap the benefits without the headaches. Here are the business highlights:

    • Complete coverage: More powerful wireless access points blanket a bigger area, reducing capital and operational costs
    • Fast install: Configuration and deployment in half the time
    • Simple, simple, simple: A smarter wireless LAN that self-optimizes and is super simple to manage
    • No costly cabling: Smart meshing allows placement of wireless access points anywhere there is power without having to pull Ethernet cable for connectivity
    • Just what you need: No more paying for features and functions you don’t want, need or understand

Data Security and Backup

Isometric Solutions has the services every school or business may need to enable you to fulfill your online safety and safeguarding requirements.

How can we help?

If you have questions about your anti‑virus package, your backup strategy or you fear you may have been infected with Ransomware then please contact us immediately. If its outside of our normal business hours (8am ‑ 5pm) please call and use the emergency option.

Automated Enforcement of Access Policy

Knowing the identity of the person and the device accessing the network is the foundation for a Bring Your Own Device security strategy. Until recently, schools needed one solution for authentication, another for assessing the security posture of school owned devices, and another for policy enforcement.

Isometric addresses all of these requirements in a simple platform. Our solution continually gathers real-time information from the network and devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, PCs, Macs, printers, wireless IP phones, and more. Then we use the information to control access based on school policy. For example, a policy might stipulate that only high school students can use iPads, or that staff can access certain services while on site.

The flexibility of our design is especially valuable in Bring Your Own Device environments because the IT team can easily refine policy as the program matures.

Isometric minimizes the IT effort required to provide guest wireless access for visitors, such as parents, board members, guest lecturers, and so on. Our designs can automatically register guests, restricting traffic to a guest VLAN that provides Internet access only. This relieves the onsite IT team from having to issue passwords.

What is Data Backup?

Data backup is one of the most important areas of IT and yet is also one of the most ignored. Data is essential to the smooth running of any business and is the essential start to any business continuity plan. ‘Backing up’ means making a copy of your most important files; this can then be used if the original copy is lost. Preferably the second copy should be held at a different location to the original and be kept in a secure environment.

Why you should backup?

Data loss can happen in many ways, the most common causes are physical failure of your PC, accidental error, theft or disasters like fire, flood and dropped coffee mugs! It is also common for data to be saved to just one place, like ‘My Documents’ on your PC’s hard drive. Which means that if this data were to be accidentally changed or deleted it would take considerable time and expense to restore it.

Growing numbers of computer viruses are also a risk to business information, as once they have infected your machine they often delete or corrupt your data. This is another reason why backing up your data is such an important thing to do.

What data should you backup?

Choosing what data to back up is a key start to making sure you have a copy of all your business critical information. You should think about what you would need to continue working if your PC were to be stolen/damaged. Clients address/telephone details, your account information, important documents. What about your Internet favourites and email addresses stored on your machine? How long has it taken you to collate all this information and what would happen if you couldn’t get it back once lost? These are the key things that you should be thinking about backing up.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great technology that allows you to make and receive telephone calls over the Internet. It can also be referred to as an Internet Phone. It enables you to make cheap telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection, instead of using your regular telephone service. You can connect to regular telephone numbers locally or in other parts of the world, eliminating long distance fees by using a VoIP service from an “Interconnected VoIP Provider”. In addition, you will usually have low international phone call rates to other countries. The savings can be substantial, with lower fees and taxes levied by traditional telephone carriers. Plus, most providers offer services with “unlimited” calling plans and an array of features all for one monthly fee.

A requirement for a VoIP connection is a high speed internet connection as long as the wireless provider’s bandwidth meets the minimum requirements for the provider you choose and their connection is stable enough to offer a connection without packet loss and jitter.

5 Key Benefits of VoIP?

  • Cost savings – Lower monthly telephone bills; cheap Long Distance and cheap calls.
  • Phone Portability, or the ability to take your phone service with you.
  • Rich Media Service – ability to check “presence” i.e online, offline busy, send instant messages.
  • Virtual numbers; numbers that ring in on a primary number and can be from other areas, even other states.

VoIP can save money for the small business person. Certain people are going to benefit more greatly from VoIP than others. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are such great candidates for VoIP that it would be hard to present an argument against getting a VoIP service. It’s not just the unlimited long distance calls that are the primary motivation, it is also all the advanced features that are part of many provider’s service. A state of the art communications system, one that up until now would cost several hundreds of dollars a month with a large initial outlay, plus adding a VoIP line or two can greatly add to a school or small business’s communications features, saving money and increasing revenue.

Integration & Collaboration

VoIP protocols enable integration on the application layer which allows collaborate with other applications such as emails, web browser, IM, social networking.  Examples are voicemail delivery via email, click to call service etc, contact list.

User Interface

The ability to control preferences such as on-hold music, call forwarding, presence info in a Graphical User Interface can be done easily, no need to get the provider to change it for you. “Total Control”.

Cloud Computing

Work anywhere with Cloud Computing

When you think about what Cloud computing can offer the possibilities are almost endless. However, at this point Cloud won’t be right for everyone and can even seem daunting or not relevant for some of you.  This is where Isometric can help you the most.

There are a number of steps for you to take, each with tangible benefits so you can take it at your own pace. Go as far along the journey as you need to, to realise the benefits that you’re looking for.

What are the main benefits of Cloud?

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device learning. Allow learning to continue using the same resources outside the school gates and after school hours, embrace any devices you choose to use or that your users own, and allow all your apps (including legacy ones) to be run on any device.
  • Making the life of ICT and other staff easier. Don’t worry about managing aspects of your ICT that can be looked after by others, e.g. managing tape backups and taking them off-site, and free your time up to spend on the really important stuff. Remove the headache of refresh cycles and owning and maintaining hardware, and no longer worry whether your software is up to date and patched; that’s all taken care of for you.
  • More efficient ICT. Make the most effective use of the ICT you’ve got, access ICT services when you need them and only pay for what you use. Could you share services with other schools or even become a service provider for other schools in your area and generate revenue?

Extend learning opportunities

Allow anytime, anywhere access for your staff, pupils, employees within your environment walls and beyond. With the latest technologies you can provide your staff and pupils with anytime, anywhere access to the programs and resources they need, that are currently only available on the school premises. Whatever your requirements, we can advise the best solution for you.

Technology that just works and the positive impact it has 

Maximise professional development time with the confidence that your ICT resources will just work – whenever and wherever your staff need them. Far too often ICT can become a distraction instead of having the positive impact that it is intended to do.

Long log on times and disruptive starts to lessons should now be a thing of the past. Your pupils should be able to switch on a device, log in securely and get access to their resources, all within a few minutes of the start of the lesson.

We recognise that time lost in the classroom cannot be regained, so we ensure that our solutions only have a positive impact. Having the best infrastructure, software and devices for your school doesn’t have to be expensive and we will work with you to ensure that you get the best solution for your school in the most efficient way.

Online Safety

We’re experts in online safety

Online technology is evolving at a rapid rate, it can be hard to keep up with what’s new, what’s expected, what’s best for your specific school community. Our engineers are knowledgeable in latest policies and guidelines that relate to Internet and e-safety. Together we can look at your school / business requirements and plans and advise you on how to enable the students / employees to take full advantage of today’s online technology, safely.

Safeguarding – A top priority for any business

The Internet has unlocked countless possibilities. It has enabled learning to be more personalised and creative, and teaching more interactive and flexible. With ICT now truly embedded in the curriculum and the Internet now playing such a vital role in today’s classroom it’s no wonder that e-safety is becoming an increasingly important feature of a school’s safeguarding framework.

With regular headlines in the press about safeguarding Internet use, the dangers of inappropriate content and the questionable safety of social media, you have only one option – to get it right.

You told us that you wanted to use the Internet freely, to have the ability to communicate, collaborate, and explore. We designed our services and solutions to give you the freedom to do this – safely.

Complete peace of mind

Protecting your access online can feel like a bit of a minefield, but don’t panic, we’re here to help. We have a specific focus on online safety in education and we work closely together with leading industry bodies such as the Internet Watch Foundation and NetSafe to ensure that we offer establishments across New Zealand the most effective, robust and innovative online safety services available.

Comprehensive online safety portfolio

Finding the right balance between providing a safe environment for stack holders is hard.  We want to help ensure that technology is being used productively, whist giving the freedom to benefit from the wide range of exciting online applications and resources now available to them. What’s more, you’ll have all the tools you need to safeguard your community online and protect your data, all in one place, from one trusted partner.

Virtual Reality And Drone Services

Virtual Reality and Drones: Bringing a New View

The role of Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, this is particularly true in the Construction industry, Education and Aged Healthcare. It’s now at a point where Technology cannot be taken for granted, especially by us here at Isometric Solutions. We have seen it evolving and through these changes we are now ourselves working on new ideas for our own business.

So far, through our experience with working with these industries, both virtual reality and drones are highlighting things are changing. Both are transforming the way businesses see their visions brought to life before their projects are complete, as well as the way teachers are using virtual reality to explore different realities within the classroom.

Combining a Drone and a VR gives businesses such as architects and schools the opportunity to not only take stunning photos then see their work from a bird’s eye view but to then use VR to bring the site to life.

Whilst working with an Architectural Firm we have done just this, allowing them to give their clients a new perspective to their projects – their clients not only see the building from the air, they can also experience walking through their drawings that have become 3D, allowing them to move doors, take out windows whilst saving money.

Isometric can take your business/education into another dimension by using VIVE technologies or a Drone. For more information on the opportunities of using virtual reality or a drone in your business contact us.

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