MDM - Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management designed for both education and business.

With use of mobile technology increasing, schools and businesses need to be able to find a way to manage the large number of devices.  A Mobile device management solution enables you to configure and monitor mobile devices through a portal, anytime anywhere.

Isometric Solutions mobile device management system has been designed to fit the needs of both an education and business environment.


How does it work?

With a mobile device manager, devices, users and admins can be arranged into organisational units that match your environment: splitting by class, department, year or any other category is possible.

The mobile device manager is hosted in the cloud and simple to use. With one intuitive interface, it allows you to push apps, control policies, rollout or wipe devices and run reports with just a few clicks.


Why does it work?


BYOD Support

Allow students to use their own devices while keeping your network safe. Whether you have student-owned or school-owned devices, mobile manager makes it easy than ever to deploy and control BYOD and 1:1 schemes.


Split Management

Split management between IT and educators, so everyone has the visibility and control they need. Mobile manager makes it easy for IT to maintain centralised control, but to push some management capabilities to teachers for their classes and groups.



Mobile manager is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android and Mac OS meaning that whether you have one or all of these technologies in your school, you are able to manage them all from one central interface.


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