How Much Money Is Your Business Losing Through Lack Of Productivity?
Research suggests employees each waste an average of 2.09 hours a day*
Early estimates from a new study suggested that 45% of employees questioned cited surfing the internet at work for personal purposes as the number one distraction at work.*
Protect your company from excessive cyberloafing and monitor the use of technology in your business with "Edward"!
Edward is a complete, intelligent solution that will boost productivity,
protect your company and provide insight into the use of technology in your business.
  • Activities monitoring/filtering
  • Website tracking
  • Web-surfing time distribution
  • Online search and download tracking
  • Real-time and recorded screenshot capturing
  • Web filtering
  • Follow-and-deny rules
  • Limited surfing time
  • Site blocking and redirection
  • Email notifications
  • Web usage timer
  • HTTPS filtering
  • Blocking by HTML keywords
  • Active and idle time
  • Usage reports
  • Stealth mode, no icons and task manager processes
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Email recording tool
  • Keylogging
  • Instant chat monitoring
Edward helps track work time, which ultimately results in better management of the human resources.
Edward can be installed onto the Client-server on employee’s computers in minutes after which the software tracks almost everything from time spent on websites to applications used.
Edward's dashboard provides the necessary information for management to understand work patterns, receive detailed reports and identify employee productivity levels and data theft.
Edward’s web-filtering tools provide administrators with complete control over what users can and can't access over the internet.

Intelligent Protection

Safeguard your business, data and people.
Run your business with peace of mind in the knowledge that if there are inefficiencies in employee performance due to cyber-loafing, it will be easily identified. Edward is a monitoring, protection and security platform your business needs to ensure your staff aren't abusing company time and costing your company valuable money.
Edward will also help keep your data safe. Using our intelligent protection protocols will safeguard your business, your data, and your people.

Reporting Process

Daily / Weekly / Monthly business overview
Edward allows you to generate a focused report – based on productivity, internet usage and application usage. Your reports will highlight (and allow you to address) where your business may be leaking money due to time wastage, inefficiencies and possible data theft.

Workplace Efficiency

Empower your decision makers to increase productivity
Analyse and review how your office works during trading hours.  Our tools enable key management stakeholders to gain insight and intelligence into the workforce to make key business decisions to allow the business to stay ahead of the competition.
These powerful tools also enable your HR team to identify and proactively deal with wastage of company time, harassment, bullying cases and protect the people who matter the most.

Extras - Coming Soon

Easily create simple and colourful graph’s and stats which will allow directors to quickly and easily see the productivity of their employees at a glance.
Don't wait until it's too late - Edward should be seen as a preventative measure rather than the ambulance at the bottom of the hill.
Even if just one employee on $20 per hour is cyberloafing for 2 hours per day,
that's costing your company in excess of $800 per month! Edward will identify this.
Edward Workplace Efficiency Software Investment
One Off Setup fee
$375 - Limited Time!
  • Per Company
< 5 seats
+GST Per Month
  • Per Seat
< 15 seats
+GST Per Month
  • Per Seat
< 25 seats
+GST Per Month
  • Per Seat
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* Daily Mail - 3 January 2018