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Ransomware  – how to protect yourself against it

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a sophisticated piece of malware that blocks peoples access to his/her files.

More and more people are receiving infected email attachments from CryptoLocker which is a ransomware trojan over the past few days. This is targeting computers running Microsoft Windows. This is a nasty virus which can cause widespread disruption very quickly! Prevention is far better than a cure.  So here are 8 tips to protect yourself against ransomware.

8 Tips for Preventing ransomware

  • Back up your files regularly and keep a recent backup off-site.
  • Don’t enable macros.
  • Consider installing Microsoft Office viewers.
  • Be very careful about opening unsolicited attachments.
  • Don’t give yourself more login power than necessary.
  • Patch, patch, patch.
  • Train and retrain employees in your business.
  • Segment the company network.

How can we help?

If you have questions about your anti‑virus package, your backup strategy or you fear you may have been infected with Ransomware then please contact us immediately. If its outside of our normal business hours (8am ‑ 5pm) please call and use the emergency option.

Automated Enforcement of Access Policy

Knowing the identity of the person and the device accessing the network is the foundation for a Bring Your Own Device security strategy. Until recently, schools needed one solution for authentication, another for assessing the security posture of school owned devices, and another for policy enforcement.

Isometric addresses all of these requirements in a simple platform. Our solution continually gathers real-time information from the network and devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, PCs, Macs, printers, wireless IP phones, and more. Then we use the information to control access based on school policy. For example, a policy might stipulate that only high school students can use iPads, or that staff can access certain services while on site.

The flexibility of our design is especially valuable in Bring Your Own Device environments because the IT team can easily refine policy as the program matures.

Isometric minimizes the IT effort required to provide guest wireless access for visitors, such as parents, board members, guest lecturers, and so on. Our designs can automatically register guests, restricting traffic to a guest VLAN that provides Internet access only. This relieves the onsite IT team from having to issue passwords.

Updates and Antivirus in SME’s

Over time, vulnerabilities are found in software and operating systems that run it. These vulnerabilities can be exploited to gain access to your data, or simply disrupt your systems. It’s important to keep your systems up to date, so that these vulnerabilities don’t compromise your data, or affect usability.

Conversely, it’s not always the best course of action to patch software immediately. Patches or updates may cause some of your critical systems to cease functioning. It’s important to have a staged rollout plan for all software updates.

At the very least, you should also be running anti-virus software from a reputable software vendor. Anti-virus software should be kept up to date, so that it can better protect you from infections. Consider also running some form of network security software, which will close of unneeded ports on your computers, and monitor for suspicious network activity.


  • Have a plan for testing a rolling out system updates.
  • Keep your systems protected by anti-virus and anti-malware.
  • Run the newest version of your operating system of choice, where possible.

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