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When you think about what Cloud computing can offer the possibilities are almost endless. However, at this point Cloud won’t be right for everyone and can even seem daunting or not relevant for some of you.  This is where Isometric can help you the most.

There are a number of steps for you to take, each with tangible benefits so you can take it at your own pace. Go as far along the journey as you need to, to realise the benefits that you’re looking for.

What are the main benefits of Cloud?

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device learning. Allow learning to continue using the same resources outside the school gates and after school hours, embrace any devices you choose to use or that your users own, and allow all your apps (including legacy ones) to be run on any device.
  • Making the life of ICT and other staff easier. Don’t worry about managing aspects of your ICT that can be looked after by others, e.g. managing tape backups and taking them off-site, and free your time up to spend on the really important stuff. Remove the headache of refresh cycles and owning and maintaining hardware, and no longer worry whether your software is up to date and patched; that’s all taken care of for you.
  • More efficient ICT. Make the most effective use of the ICT you’ve got, access ICT services when you need them and only pay for what you use. Could you share services with other schools or even become a service provider for other schools in your area and generate revenue?

Extend learning opportunities

Allow anytime, anywhere access for your staff, pupils, employees within your environment walls and beyond. With the latest technologies you can provide your staff and pupils with anytime, anywhere access to the programs and resources they need, that are currently only available on the school premises. Whatever your requirements, we can advise the best solution for you.

Technology that just works and the positive impact it has 

Maximise professional development time with the confidence that your ICT resources will just work – whenever and wherever your staff need them. Far too often ICT can become a distraction instead of having the positive impact that it is intended to do.

Long log on times and disruptive starts to lessons should now be a thing of the past. Your pupils should be able to switch on a device, log in securely and get access to their resources, all within a few minutes of the start of the lesson.

We recognise that time lost in the classroom cannot be regained, so we ensure that our solutions only have a positive impact. Having the best infrastructure, software and devices for your school doesn’t have to be expensive and we will work with you to ensure that you get the best solution for your school in the most efficient way.

NEW! Lucid: The Value of Visibility

Here at Isometric Solutions we’ve always strives to be different, to provide innovation and to always make the complex, simple. As development of these values we now provide our customers with a service extension that allows them to access all of their ICT related documentation in one central location. This service is called Lucid.

Lucid provides you with ability to find the information you need quickly, no more hunting through shared areas or emails. All system information is available by a simple search or browse.

  • Relationship Mapping

Create and describe relationships between entities to simplify navigation and find what you’re looking for quickly. For example, open an application and see attached licensing PDFs along with two-way links to associated procedures, devices and passwords.

  • Flexible Asset Tracking

This flagship feature allows you to track all the things you never could figure out how to track out-of-the-box. Quickly and easily identify missing or outdated documentation, not just what’s there. Use our built-in templates to track common IT assets / services including applications, licensing, backup configurations technology standards and network settings – or customize and create your own.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

Our platform has been built from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements of even the most discerning IT groups. These features include granular access control on a per-organization and per-entity basis; complete auditing of all key read/write platform actions, version control for recover ability & data integrity, and robust encryption.

Most documentation processes are complex and discourage people from creating good (let alone great) documentation. Lucid enabled us to document our entire deliverable process, as well as provide useful knowledge base documentation to our customers as a value-add to our service.

“Thank you for the new system RM 4, the more I learn about it the more I love it!”

J P VandenameeleBay of Islands College

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